What are you doing to stay well??

We hope you're able to answer that question.  These are HARD TIMES for all of us and you have to take responsibility for your wellness.  

Stay active!

Vary your day!!  Do lots of different things!

Listen to music!  Find some new and inspiring things to listen to!

Take up a new hobby!

Get some good rest!

Eat some yummy new foods!

Read a great book, comic book, graphic novel, magazine, whatever!

Do you wonder how your teachers and staff from CBI stay well?? 

Stay tuned!  😎

How do you fill your day??

Don't be bored!  

Take this time at home as an opportunity to grow and develop new interests!



How to get counselling

Never feel like you have to  deal with Mental Health issues on your own!

While it's necessary to stay at home these days, it's NOT EASY!!  

Having a mix of emotions is common in these times. 

Feeling happiness, sadness, lonliness, despair, anger, joy is part of this experience for most of us.  If you want and need counselling remember:

Visual Breathing Exercise


Take the time every day to just sit, relax, and focus on your breath.

Also, check out this website:

Keeping a Routine during Covid-19

Keeping a fairly consistent daily routine sets ourselves up for a healthy day.  

Try out these tips!

Having Trouble Coping?

It's OK!!!!!  You're going to be ok.  

Check out this grounding technique to help you through times of heightened stress.  

For Parents/Guardians

It's OK!!!!!  You're going to be ok.  

Making time for SELF-CARE is essential for YOU every day!  

Also check out these awesome resources:

Other Counselling Links

Check out what we've been up to!

Personal wellness has been something we've all had to work on!  

The staff at CBI misses you all and hopes that you and your loved ones are keeping safe and staying well!  ❤️💛💚💙💜